Ana Sokolova

Dr. TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2005

Associate Professor, HoD

Computational Systems Group

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Salzburg



Jakob-Haringer-Str. 2

5020 Salzburg, Austria

Room 2.17


+43 (0)662 8044 6417

+43 (0)662 8044 611 (fax)

Skype ana_sokolova

I work in the area of formal methods for analysis of concurrent systems, more specifically on behavior semantics of systems. I am interested in coalgebra, an abstract unifying framework for studying various transition systems based on category theory, and more concretely in probabilistic and real-time systems. My recent interests stretch all the way to concurrent data structures.

I am also a visiting lecturer at FCSE, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia.

From November 1, 2019, I am Head of Department.    


  1. National Research Network RiSE (SHiNE, 2nd phase, co-PI) granted by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. March 2015 to March 2019. One funded PhD position for 4 years.

  2. ÖAD Scientific & Technological Cooperation between Austria and Macedonia MK 14/2018. July 2018 to July 2020.

  3. Personal grant of the Austrian Science Fund FWF  (Elise Richter Fellowship), Compositionality in Coalgebraic Process Theory (LEGO-CPT), V125-N18. March 1, 2009 to February 28, 2013.

  4. I am involved in the first phase of National Research Network RiSE granted by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. March 2011 to March 2015.

  5. I took part in the EU Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design ArtistDesign.


  1. PC member for CAV’22, CONCUR’22, CSL’22, FORMATS’22, FORTE’22, FoSSaCS’22, MPC’22, TbiLLC’22, POPL’21, FACS’21, MFCS’21, FASE’20, CONCUR’20, FORMATS’20, MFPS’20, CMCS’20, TTCS’20, FoSSaCS’19, FM’19, FORTE’19, FORMATS’19, LICS’18, CONCUR’18, CMCS’18, VMCAI’18, RTEST’18, QAPL’18, ERC member of ISMM’18, PC member of CAV’17, CALCO’17, MFPS’17, FORMATS’17, FORTE’17, FMCAD’17, ICE’17, ICTI’17, QAPL’17, ERC member of CAV’16, PC member of CONCUR’16, FM’16, ICTI’16, ICE’16, CONCUR’15, CALCO’15, ICE’15, PSC’14 (PC co-chair), CMCS’14, FORMATS’14, FORTE’14, ICE’14 (PC co-chair and ICEcreamer), MFPS XXIX, ICE'13 (PC co-chair and ICEcreamer), CMCS'12, ICE'12 (ICEcreamer), CORCS'12, ICE'11, CORCS'11, ICE'10, ICE'09, CORCS'09, DATICS'09, DTVCS'09, CORCS'08, DATICS'08, DTVCS'08, co-organizer of Coalgebra Day 2006, helped in the local organization of EuroSys 2011

  2. PC chair of MFPS’21. PC co-chair of SPIN’21, WiL’21, FORTE’20, WiL’20, CALCO’19, PSC’14 @ VSL

  3. Local Organizer of CALCO & MFPS 2021 -- HYBRID from Salzburg

  4. Secretary of IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory

  5. Member of the Expert Committee of the EAPLS PhD Award 2018 and 2019

  6. Member of IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory

  7. Member of IFIP WG 1.3 on Foundations of System Specification

  8. (Co-)Organizer of HVW 2018

  9. (Co-)Organizer of OPCT17, IFIP WG 1.8 Meeting, June 26 - June 29, 2017, IST Austria.

  10. Workshop (co-)chair of CPS Week 2016

  11. (Co-)Organizer of AVM 2015 (Alpine Verification Meeting) May 4 - May 6, Attersee, Austria.

  12. (Co-)Organizer of RiSE/PUMA Workshop Mondsee, September 29-October 3, 2014, Mondsee, Austria.

PhD students (also co-supervised)

  1. Sebastian Arming

  2. Clemens Brunner, co-supervised, defended on June 25, 2021

  3. Daniel Kocher, co-supervised, defended on May 28, 2021

  4. Alireza Abyaneh, co-supervised

  5. Michael Lippautz, co-supervised, defended on December 15, 2015

  6. Andreas Haas, co-supervised, defended on November 23, 2015

  7. Hannes Payer, co-supervised, defended on September 28, 2012

  8. Silviu Craciunas, co-supervised, defended on October 14, 2010


  1. Deputy Head of Department, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg, October 1, 2017 to November 1, 2019.

  2. Elise Richter fellow, postdoc and project leader, Computational Systems Group, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg, March 1, 2009 to February 28, 2013.

  3. Postdoc with Christoph Kirsch, Computational Systems Group, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg, March 1, 2007 to February 28, 2009.

  4. Before joining the Computational Systems group in Salzburg, from October 2005 till March 2007, I enjoyed working as a postdoc with Bart Jacobs, in the great Security of Systems group (now Digital Security group), Department of Computer Science (now Institute for Computing and Information Sciences), at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

  5. Before Nijmegen, I spent some wonderful years (2001 - 2005) working as a PhD student in Jos Baeten's Formal Methods (FM) group (now no longer existing), Department of Computer Science, at TU Eindhoven. My supervisor was Erik de Vink. I defended my thesis in Eindhoven on November 3, 2005. Follow the next link for information and photos of my defense.

  6. Originally, I come from North Macedonia. I studied and worked there as a teaching and research assistant at the Institute of Informatics (now part of FCSE), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje.

Many thanks to Silviu Craciunas for the photo (RTAS 2010 in Stockholm) and his help with iWeb!

Bachelor students

  1. Alexander Loitzl, graduated September 2021

  2. Marcel Janzer

  3. Sophie Reischl, graduated October 2019

  4. Barbara Mayer, graduated March 2019

  5. Cornelia Mayer, graduated August 2018

  6. Sarah Sallinger, graduated July 2017

  7. Michael Noppinger