Ouafae Lachhab

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Welcome to my homepage! (updated untill february 2020)
I was a research assistant with Professor Kirsch at the Department of Computer Sciences of the University of Salzburg, Austria.
Here you can find my CV updated until february 2020.
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Contact Info:

Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg.
Email: olachhab@cs.uni-salzburg.at


My research topics were design, implementation and performance analysis of memory management systems.


(2012-2015) Master's student at ENSIAS, University Mohamed 5th, Rabat. Morocco.
Field of expertise: Embedded systems and Mobile applications.
(2010-2012)Post-secondary preparatory classes.
University-level courses required in preparation for competitive entrance exams into top engineering and graduate schools ( Morocco's " Grandes ècoles " )


Introduction to Compiler Construction 2016