Harald Röck

Harald Röck

Solution Architecture Teamleader

Austria area
Computer Software
  1. Red Bull
  1. Red Bull,
  2. Eurofunk Kappacher,
  3. University of Salzburg
  1. Universität Salzburg
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  • Red Bull

    2 years 9 months
    • Solution Architecture Teamleader
      – Present 1 year 10 months
    • Application Integration Professional
      11 months
  • Software Architect

    Eurofunk Kappacher
    3 years

    Architect and lead developer of Eldis3, eurofunk’s operation control and management software.

  • Software Developer

    Eurofunk Kappacher
    1 year 6 months

    Developer of Eldis3, eurofunk’s operation control and management software

  • Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant

    University of Salzburg
    6 years

    Ph.D. Student of Prof. Christoph Kirsch in the field of operating systems and embedded
    software. Responsible for designing and implementing a Linux kernel patch that enables
    process shaping. Member of the JAviator project team to develop an unmanned
    quadrotor helicopter. Designed and implemented a new hybrid EDF-credit scheduler in
    the Xen hypervisor that supports multi-processor systems and dynamic load balancing.
    Taught several operating system classes.

  • Intern

    3 months

    Worked with the Google Chrome web browser team. Implemented a profiler and an
    inspecting interface for a new virtual machine that is embedded in the browser.
    The profiler in combination with the inspector provides online performance traces
    and it allows to inspect the dynamically generated and executed code.

  • Intern

    Sun Microsystems
    less than a year

    Solely ported the HotSpot Java virtual machine to run on the XEN hypervisor. The
    port is based on the kernel I worked with during the internship in 2008. I extended the
    kernel with a C++ run-time and the newlib C-library. The VM and the native code
    of the JDK were merged in order to integrate them into the kernel. The Java code of
    the JDK is loaded at runtime using a sibling file system from another Linux domain
    on the same machine.

  • Intern

    Sun Microsystems
    4 months

    Worked on porting Maxine, a meta-circular research Java virtual machine, to run on
    the XEN hypervisor. Mostly worked on the low level kernel: Implemented a block
    device driver to access the disk. Using this driver a Java version of the Ext2 file system
    was ported to the system. I extended the kernel to support suspend and resume, which
    also enabled check pointing and live migration of VMs. Additionally, I implemented
    a new thread scheduler with CPU local thread queues, and a new scheduler interface
    which is exposed to the VM. The new scheduler interface allows the implementation of
    schedulers in the VM using Java instead of C. I implemented the first thread scheduler
    in Maxine using Java.

  • Graduate Co-op

    IBM Research
    4 months

    Intern in the Dynamic Optimization area with Joshua Auerbach and David F. Bacon at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, New York. Working on language and kernel support for real-time control of autonomous helicopters.

  • Research Assistant

    Bowling Green State University
    10 months

    Assistant of Prof. Hassan Rajaei in parallel and distributed discrete event simulation. Designed and implemented a Time Warp engine and
    built a Linux cluster to test and develop parallel applications.
    Lab consulting for undergraduate students.


  • Universität Salzburg

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Computer Science
  • Dipl. Ing., Computer Science
  • M.Sc., Computer Science
  • B.Sc., Computer Science

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Harald Röck

Harald Röck

Solution Architecture Teamleader

Red Bull

Universität Salzburg

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